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Domestic and Shopping visits

Domestic visits

Maintaining your home can become a challenge as you get older. Carers are not a replacement for a full cleaning service however, we can help with the everyday maintenance of the home including helping with:

  • Laundry

  • General dusting and disinfecting

  • Decluttering light items with supervision

  • Hoovering & mopping

Shopping visits

Doing the weekly shop is a tedious task for most people, and it can be an even bigger struggle as we get older or if you have an impairment. The carers are able to assist with scheduled shopping visits. The carers are also able to take the individual with them to ensure all of the produce is what you want.

Running Errands


Carers can also assist you by running errands on your behalf such as: doing a top up shop, collecting prescriptions and helping you sort your mail.

Click on the Contact us button below to discuss assistance.

Cleaning the Counter
Grocery Shopping
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